6 ft 10 in Pumpkin Seed

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The Pumpkin Seed is the Swiss army knife of surfboards. It blends design elements of a fish with the performance characteristics of a pin tail resulting in maximum versatility. From small, gutless surf to high speed tube riding, this board can handle it all. The wide contemporary nose and relaxed rocker make this board paddle fast and accelerate out of the hole like a jack rabbit on roids. The single to double concave bottom and dynamic rail profile further complement the rail to rail performance and versatility. Essential for any quiver. Team tested and approved. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a broad range of rider weights and abilities.

Designer: Doug Haut
Matte Finish: less surface friction = faster acceleration
Cruise Missile Concave: single to double concave bottom
Tail: Round Squash
Rocker: Low
Construction: PowerLyte
Fin Boxes: Futures
Recommended Fins: Futures EA

Optimum wave height:
Knee to Head High


6 ft 10 in
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