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The straighter outline, accompanied by the subtle curve and lift throughout the rail line, give this board amazing speed that will leave you in disbelief and wanting more. The deck has a slight S deck contour, which allows your upper body to fit into the board, making catching waves have a more comfortable and natural feel. The Red Stripe is set up with two future boxes. The unique fin placement adds to dynamic control in the lip area. It works with all kinds of twin fin templates, great to experiment with and feel the differences. Just keep in mind that the Ratboy Red Stripes are designed to run the rasta keels by Futures Fins, as they feel “da bess” aka the best. The bottom contour is dug out in such a way that going from rail to rail is not complicated, making for super smooth transitions and making you feel like you’re riding a single fin on each rail. It can be ridden in tiny to large surf, the only limits you’ll find is your mind!

The Red Stripe was designed for the larger surfer in mind with all the similarities of the Ratboy Blue Stripe in the mix. Smooth out your surfing. No more missing the best waves that come through. Only have a short window to surf, all you need is one wave on this sled to make your day. That being said, these are great tools for beginners, one transitioning from a log wanting to slide on a smaller medium, or for the whole family. You might want to get two cause kinda
hard for share when get waves!

Shaper: Lance Ebert
Pro Rider: Jason “Ratboy” Collins

Length: 6’2”
Nose: 17.75”
Width: 22”
Tail: 17.58”
Thickness: 2.75”
Volume: 42.76

Suggested rider weights:
Advanced: 185-220 lbs.
Intermediate: 160-185 lbs.
Beginner: up to 160 lbs.

Pro Matte Finish: less surface friction = faster acceleration
Tail: square
Construction: PowerLyte
Fin Boxes: Futures twin fin boxes
Suggested Fins: Futures Rasta Sea Shepard twin

Optimum wave height:
Knee to head high+ waves


6 ft 2 in
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