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New Independent MiD trucks feature a lower profile hanger for optimal contact point angle on your nose and tail for flip tricks, ledges, and all-around street skating with a recommended wheel size of 53mm and under.

The newly designed and first ever Independent inverted kingpin can be used with either a 5.5mm Allen key or standard 9/16" hex wrench. The innovative new Shaft Nut in the baseplate creates a rigid and durable solution to lateral movement found in most inverted kingpin designs and increases adjustability.

The new MiD is 52mm tall and built on Independent's legendary geometry with full size cushions for maximum turning action and comes in 129, 139, 144, 149, 159 sizes.

The all new design includes new size designations underneath the hanger for easy identification.

52mm tall for optimal performance and wheel clearance with wheels 53mm and under.

A356 T6 Aluminum Hanger & Baseplate
The best lightweight aluminum alloy heat treated to T6 condition for strength, durability, and grind feel.

SCM435 Chromoly Steel Axle
Highest quality and durability available.

Inverted Grade 8 kingpin w/ 9/16" & 5.5mm Allen
Never break, never bend.

Steel Shaft Nut with nylon locking insert

159 model features 6 hole universal baseplate with old and new school mounting pattern.

Independent Trucks are Built to Grind and Guaranteed for Life.

Patent Pending


  What Size Trucks Do I Need For My Board?

What Size Trucks Do I Need For My Board?

Deck Width* Axle Independent Krux Bullet
6.65 - 7.15 6.9 in 109 - 110
7.35 - 7.85 7.6 in 129 7.6 130
7.75 - 8.25 8.0 in 139 8 140
8.00 - 8.50 8.25 in 144 8.25 -
8.25 - 8.75 8.5 in 149 8.5 150
8.50 - 10.40 8.75 in 159 - -
8.75 - 10.40 9.0 in - 9.0 -
8.88 - 10.40 9.125 in 169 - -

*Deck range recommendation varies depending on type and width of wheels

Do I Need Riser Pads?

When running certain combinations of trucks and wheels sometimes it becomes necessary to use riser pads to avoid 'wheel bite'. Don’t know what 'wheel bite' is? Well consider yourself lucky. Wheel bite is what happens when you turn your board and your wheel touches the deck. If you do this hard enough the wheel will 'bite' and stop rolling. This often means that you go flying off your board. So if you're running bigger wheels make sure to read through this chart. While it might look like homework it's definitely more fun than hitting the pavement!

Truck Height**Wheel Range***
48.5 - 5249 - 53
52 - 53.551 - 55
53.5 - 5553 - 57
6055 - 59

If you are ordering risers for your complete, please make sure you have chosen hardware that accommodates the height of your risers. 1¼" hardware will work with ⅛” risers and 1½” is needed for ¼” risers.
**You can find truck height information in the 'Details' area a specific truck page.
***Wheel size recommendation with no riser.

What Size Hardware Do I Need For My Board?

When attaching your trucks to your board you’re gonna want to make sure your bolts are long enough. If you use risers, you’ll want to run a longer bolt, but you don’t want to go too long or your setup will look all goofy! Use the chart below and everything will fall into place.

Wheel SizeRiser SizeHardware Size 
  7 ply deck9 ply deck
49 - 55-7/8"-
55 - 581/8"1"-
57 - 601/8" - 3/8"1 1/4"1 1/4"
60 - 653/8" - 1/2"1 1/2"1 1/2"
52.0 mm
129 - 7.60 in
139 - 8.00 in
144 - 8.25 in
149 - 8.50 in
159 - 8.75 in
129 - 127 mm
139 - 137 mm
144 - 144 mm
149 - 149 mm
159 - 156 mm
129 - 383
139 - 392
144 - 402
149 - 409
159 - 412
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3 Total Reviews
Great but might need some tweeking
4 out of 5
Location: Tempe, AZ
Date: February 4, 2021
These are awesome trucks but if you like tighter trucks you’re going to have to upgrade to some harder bushings. If you’re used to a slightly higher ride than the mids give you you can take your favorite Indy hanger and slap that one on instead. I did both of these to my new mids and absolutely love them. So depending on your preference these trucks are pretty versatile and customizable.
Good, if you ride your trucks LOOSE
3 out of 5
Location: Sydney, Australia
Date: January 28, 2021
I'm a husky guy, so I need to tighten my trucks down enough that I'm not getting wheel bite when I land ollies. The kingpin on these will only tighten enough for a loose ride. I've tried adding an extension bar to the allen key and the spanner for extra leverage and got nothing out of the kingpin except for burred corners and bruised knuckles. Shredded a skate tool as well. As it stands I can't use these.
Wondering if the 159 has a six hole pattern on mids?
5 out of 5
Nikky Zeman
Location: Denver
Date: January 7, 2021
These looks like an awesome independent truck already stepping it up with a awesome kingpin to hanger design. I do wonder if the 159’s have a six hole pattern same as standards. I’m sure if not it’s still a great guaranteed mid truck in 159. And even though now I ride more bowls I’m sure if I want to use my 56 mm wheels all I need is a 1/8th or so riser pad these looks awesome great jobs guys. I’d love to review product with Ron that’s my dream job!!!!
3 Total Reviews