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WHO THE %*!# IS JAKE WOOTEN?! | Santa Cruz Skateboards New Pro

Today we are stoked to bring you in to kick with the squad as we get to know Jake Wooten on a whole new level. Tom Asta, Erick Winkowski, Maurio McCoy, Jereme Knibbs, Eric Dressen, Kevin Braun, Tom Remillard, Emmanuel Guzman & Andrew Cannon sit down and reflect on Jake’s wild, off the wall fun facts, His nonstop movement, and of course his supernatural abilities on a skateboard. Hear the stories that made Jake’s ride to the Pro Ranks one for the books. From tapping in to Barcelona Scooter Apps, to jumping in giant puddles in Argentina on the way to breakfast, we never quite know what Jake will do next! Let us know who we should get to know in our next video!